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The Vaping Industry needs your help!

Posted by The Cloud Alchemist on

As many of you might already know, the FDA recently announced its regulations for the vaping industry. While there are very commendable elements in it, like age-restriction, it does spell the death of the industry as we know it thanks to the burdensome requirements put into place for PreMarket Tobacco Applications (PMTA). If a vaping product wasn’t on the market before 2007, which is essentially every mod, eliquid, and atomizer in use, they will have to go through this expensive process.

Each PMTA is estimated to cost up to one million dollars and 1500 work hours to research and submit, with every variation of nicotine level, flavor, or pg/vg ratio requiring a separate PMTA. This means that Cloud Alchemist will need a total of 80 million dollars, 120000 man hours (or 60 people working full time for a full year), and 80 PMTAs to apply!

How you can help

HR2058 is a bill in Congress to move the 2007 date, also known as the grandfather date, to Aug 8th 2016. This is not a perfect solution but it will save the industry as it currently stands, save thousands of jobs, and most importantly, give the remaining 40 million smokers a chance to switch to vaping.

Please visit CASAA.org and follow their easy guide on how to email your Congressional representative in support of HR2058. Unlike simply signing an online petition, a groundswell of citizen support directed at representatives does change minds and laws! It only takes a couple minutes and it is our best chance at making a difference.

Contact your Rep today!

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