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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The WA State Flavor Ban - What it means for Cloud Alchemist and you.

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In what was essentially a surprise announcement, Gov. Inslee has issued an Executive Order to the WA State Health Department to ban all flavored eliquids during their next meeting. That announcement was frustrating to watch live, to hear claims made with little basis in fact, to be accused of advertising to children, and to be demonized for having the audacity to enjoy flavors. You can find an archive of the entire announcement here.

Ultimately, what this means though is that, on Oct 9th, the next time the Department of Health meets, they will ban all flavors for non-nicotine, nicotine, and THC eliquids. As it stands, there are no exceptions currently for even tobacco or menthol flavors. This is a temporary ban of four months, but with the express purpose of giving them time to pass a permanent ban through legislative means.

If you are a Washington resident, please follow this link, fill out the form, and call the officials mentioned on that page.

The entire industry is planning to fight this and hopefully we will be able to change their minds but we must plan for the worse.

Unless something changes, Cloud Alchemist will be taking our last orders Oct 9th. Hopefully we will get to open back up, but there's a good chance we won't.

Until that time, if you would like to stock up or taste our flavors one last time, feel free to use the code below. We'll be fulfilling orders up until we legally cannot anymore.

MORALPANIC = 20% off Cloud Alchemist until 10/9/19

I can't believe it has been over half a decade since I first discovered vaping, found this amazing community, and eventually started this business. However this ends up, thank you for being such amazing people. Don't let them get you down.

The Cloud Alchemist

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