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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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washingtonpride.jpgCloud Alchemist is a boutique vapor liquid designer based out of Seattle, WA and dedicated to creating amazing unique flavors.

Our distinctive line is intentionally limited as we firmly believe quality is what matters, not overwhelming options. Each flavor is mature, subtle, and complex; created to tease the palette, not overwhelm. Our mixing process enables rapid turnaround, consistent quality, multiple nicotine options, and several PG/VG ratios. While we appreciate shops that carry our full line, we understand the needs of each store is different and would be happy to help choose a selection of flavors based on our sales knowledge and your customers preferences.

We've kept our wholesale program as simple as possible for our customers while still protecting their interests. We have no handling fees or MOQ and shipping is free for orders over 50 bottles with negotiable lowered bulk rates. For our B&M clients we have a minimum advertised price and offer exclusivity radiuses (up to 5 miles) that are negotiated based on an average monthly minimum order quantity and location with a two month grace period after initial order.

The bottles are frosted amber glass to prevent UV-degradation and screen-printed with our logo. Every bottle is topped with a child-safe glass dropper cap with a tamper-evident band. The variable details like nicotine amounts, bottle size, and pg/vg ratios are printed on waterproof glossy labels for maximum durability. Marketing supplies like flavor menus, stickers, and counter-top displays are available upon request. 

Please feel free to reach out to us at wholesale@cloudalchemist.com with any additional questions, sample requests, or to set up an online wholesale account with us today.

Current GCCs for 60ml bottles and 30ml bottles.

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